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Three high school students using computers in a classroom
Susan Enfield, Ed.D, Superintendent

”Our students are smart and capable, and they will adapt to the new system. I am confident our teachers and staff will adapt, too. Your ideas will help us make this a successful transition for all our students and staff.”

Susan Enfield, Ed. D


In May Superintendent Enfield, with the support of the School Board, announced that our high schools will change to a trimester system with a five-period day, starting in September 2020. This schedule gives students more opportunities to earn credits toward graduation and access to a broader array of electives. It is similar to many college schedules. There are fewer weeks in a term, but class periods are longer and students have fewer courses per term. The five-period trimester system has its challenges but it also presents a significant opportunity our students do not have in our current semester system. In June, we asked you to share things we should be thinking about as we make this transition. Your ideas will help us address challenges presented by the trimester system.

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