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Your Top Thoughts About Learning Opportunities and Experiences

Equity and Access

"Equity and access. I want to ensure that all students, no matter their socio-economic or cultural background, are receiving the same opportunities."

Meet Different Learning Needs

"Not every child learns the same. Offering children an opportunity to learn in an environment that highlights their skills, not just pushing them into the mainstream can allow children to see themselves as successes, not failures. I see that as important for the future and each child growing into their gifts."

Comprehensive High School

"All students given access to comprehensive high school. Students should have the choice to attend a comprehensive high school that provides all the courses they want to take, instead of being limited to the courses offered in their small school's area of focus."

Student Learning and Engagement

"Ensure all students have access to services to help ensure they can be successful beyond high school - i.e.: counseling services, guidance counselors, career mentors, etc"

Small High School

"Small School Experience. The small school experience is unlike no other. The community that the small schools build within each school is amazing. As an educator, I know about almost all of the students' names at this school. That would likely be impossible at a comprehensive high school. Students feel close to each other."

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