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Additional Thoughts Shared

Teachers and staff

"There are some great, really great teachers and I would like to see more money going into supporting them."

School transitions and equity

"Concerned about quality of the middle and high schools. Our elementary school is amazing, but that is just the first step of our children's education. I would like to see some focus to improve the middle and high schools in our district. They do not get good ratings. Programs should be put in place to improve the quality of higher education."

Diversity and student body

"Diversity. I have noticed Highline School District values diversity. They make each child feel comfortable with who they are and where they come from. And as a parent, I respect that they are doing everything they can to promote individuality in each student."

Class size and school enrollment

"Teachers need more support. We need more supports in the classrooms, especially for our students with EBD. A teacher with 30 plus students can be battling every day to try to get content across and with our diverse classrooms it can be even more challenging. We are trying our best for our students but we need support."

General feedback

"I'm so grateful for my student to have this wonderful oppertunity!"

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