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Strengthen Social Skills

Communication Skills

"Communication skills - Moving away from social media comments to conversation. Debate-difference of opinion is okay, speak kindly to others with a different point of view."

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

"Empathy, compassion, understanding, openness to different perspectives, gratitude, kindness, listening - We live in a world were divisiveness is becoming more and more entrenched. We need our children to see their communities as a whole."

Collaboration and Teamwork

"Students need to learn social problem-solving, how to interact appropriately with peers and adults they maybe don't like. We all have to work with/for people we don't like at some point in our careers. Students can learn early to deal respectfully, still finish their work."

Character Development

"Students need to take responsibility for their choices. This is important so that they will be able to grow, change mistakes they've made and make different choices if they have made unsuccessful choices."

Life Skills

"To independently manage their time, materials and activities. They can't follow their dreams if they are in their own way or are only receiving the expectation that they follow adult directions."

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