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Our Concerns Are

Student behavior and discipline

"Classroom disruption - My biggest concern is that the behavior of a few kids holds back the learning of an entire classroom. We try tons of strategies to help our troubled kids learn, but many kids need more support than we can give them."

Class size and school enrollment

"Range of classroom sizes. I have two children at Marvista. One has a smaller classroom size (20 kids) and the other has a larger classroom size (28 kids). I have volunteered in both classrooms and have certainly noticed the range of effects (positive in smaller and negative in larger) both on the teacher and the students."

Safety and security

"School Lockdown: As a parent I would like to hear from the school or district that my student is in a lockdown situation. I feel it is owed to me to hear about it first hand rather than through social media or on the news. I understand the need for safety, but want to know first.​"

Curriculum and programming

"I wish there was more teaching of curriculum. I wish there was more focus on learning and concept/skill development and less focus on test scores and test prep."

Facilities and resources

"Lack of lockers means students are burdened with heavy backpacks. I find it unsettling our children must carry around heavy backpacks which is not good for their bodies or security."

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