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Your Top Thoughts About High School Schedule


"More opportunities for electives would be great! - Electives are often the classes that motivate students to come to school."

School Start Time and Academic Scheduling

"Reorganizing the hours of the school day. High school students need more sleep. Can the day start later and go later in the afternoon for them?"

More Opportunity to Earn Credits

"Anything that allows for students to acquire more credits and to graduate with some flexibility will be more individualized and in the best interest of the student."


"Concerns about reduction of classroom minutes needed for content. If we try to teach more classes and offer more credits per year, then the annual minutes for each class will be shorter. I worry with the reduction of minutes that there won't be enough time for IB and AP teachers to get through the required content before their students take IB or AP exams."

Student Learning and Engagement

"More world competition. I would like to see less focus on standardized tests and greater focus on helping our students become productive members of a competitive world market. Classes (core & elective) that focus on real world applications."

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