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Two high school students and an instructor in a classroom

Transition Planning

Learning Time

"How will math and world language classes be scheduled? Year-long study of these subjects is required for mastery."

Instruction and Lesson Planning

"When it comes to May I lose several days of instruction due to state testing. I worry about students who get the 1st and 3rd trimesters vs 1st and 2nd. The gap between instruction and assessment will be wider for some students than others. How will this be addressed so all students have equal chances?"

Planning and Communication

"Explain how the credits will change for students moving from 6 periods to 5 period trimesters. Students and families need to understand how graduation requirements will be impacted moving forward."

Student Support

"The reason that students don't reach graduation is much bigger than not having a large selection of electives to pick from. Our students need to continue to have strong relationships with staff and those who know them well to support meeting their needs."

Staff Workload and Support

"Teacher to student ratio. Avoid overloading teachers, give students more time with the teacher."

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