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Support Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Student Behavior and Discipline

"Continue to provide proactive behavioral health - Not all kids operate from the same set of values so a consistent message that shows what self-responsibility and respect for others looks like is key."

Acknowledge and Communicate With Students

"Making sure they have someone to talk to when things get hard or upsetting. They need to know they are not going to be pushed aside. This is important for them to learn communications and support systems."

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

"Provide a structure, vocabulary and routine for talking about feelings. When students are heard, they can focus on academic learning."

Hire More Support Staff

"We should increase the number of social workers we have in the district. Social workers have the expertise to work with families and help them get connected to non-school supports that foster student well-being."


"Create a safe learning environment, including all students. Staff need to be willing to work together as a team so all students succeed. Students learn at higher rates when they feel safe and included. When they see their teachers working together, student success increases."

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