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Your Top Thoughts About Professional Collaboration Time

Keep PCT on Friday

"I would like to keep PCT time on Friday afternoons. As a teacher, although we are tired on Fridays, it is also the best day to reflect and to plan ahead rather than stay caught up in the day-to-day planning, assessing, collaborating we do all week."

Prefer Afternoon Early Releases

"Mornings are crucial learning times for teachers and students. Multiple studies have shown that teachers and students are most fresh and able to focus and persevere in mental tasks in the morning. We should therefore NOT have collaboration in the morning, as it is a waste of that precious learning time. Collaboration time should be in the afternoon."

Impact on Families

"Consistency. Knowing that every Friday (with the exception of 2) are early release days makes it easier for me to schedule doctor appointments for events for my kids."

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